Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Nursery Decorating

Well I have been looking over all the many choices for Nursery ideas for Boys rooms and I have found the perfect one. When we moved in the our house the extra bedroom was painted NEON PINK and NEON GREEN.. so it had to go. That was my project I picked out a dark brown and a light blue and a light tan for accents. I worked really hard on that room and I love the colors so I am sticking with them. I have one wall I left the light blue I am going to make that the accent wall. Not sure what I am going to put on it but maybe paint a few of the designs from the comforter and a puppy. I was going to have a puppy theme for the room but could not fine the right set on line so I changed my mind. Here are a few pictures of the Nursery Decor I picked out...Oooh one more thing E-bay is the BEST I found this set of 9 pieces for $49.99 everywhere else online it was $149.99.

This is the 9 piece set!
I registered for this as Walmart and and going to be using it as a dresser and Changing table.

 I also registered for these too. The Crib is a 4 in 1 I have had many moms tell me this is the way to go.
  I found this light on E-bay also I think it will as a UNIQUE touch to the babies room. The babies room is also the guest bed room and I have found a Converter set that matches the nursery stuff I am just debating on weather to leave the extra bed it there or take it out and store it. I guess I will just wait and see how much room I have in the room after I get all the other stuff in there. 
 Picking out all the nursery stuff has been so much fun. I try to keep from continuing to look because I will change my mind again. 

Now we can concentrate on Baby Names now... Damon has started choosing a few and I have started a list also so hopefully soon I will be back to write about the wonderfully Unique name we have picked out. 


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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy and your wedding. Found you on Mommy's Sippy Cup, courtesy of SITS.

    Don't panic too much about being organized. Everything will work out. One piece of advice - ditch the pretty bumper pads, don't worry about blankets and have a firm mattress and a fan. Bumper pads, blankets and trapped air is what they believe cause SIDS.