Friday, July 30, 2010

Money Not My Happy Place

Alright I don't do this. I don't talk about finances with people, friends, or family (Except my Husband). I don't do it because I am ashamed of what we do or do not have but because I don't want people to fill bad for me or want to fix my problem. I want to fix it! If I let people bail me out every time something goes wrong I will never learn and never fix my problem. Having Porter has made me open my eyes a little wider and think about him growing up and how I want him to be able to look at the way we live and the way we handle finances and want fallow our lead. I want to be able to buy him a car when he needs it for his first job and not have to barrow money for it. I want to build my dream house on our multi acre land and be able to pay for most of it up front. I have started listening to auto books while working and the first book I just finished is Dave Ramsey The Total Money Makeover. 
 I feel 100% better already about the process we are about to embark on. I know that if we stick to the plan I have drawn up we will be debt free (except for our home) in about a YEAR AND A HALF. I want to get more people I know into this plan so that we will not be alone in our success to LOSE OUR DEBT. I get more and more confident in this program the more I look at the 2 spread sheets I have made. Now all I need to do is get Damon as excited as I am. It is hard to think that we will have to give up alot for now.. no eating out.. no buying gadgets we don't need but if we do it just for a little while we will be there be for you know it and will be stress free to top it all off. O to not have to worry about bills because you are living a month behind if not 2 so you are pre paying things not worrying if it got paid or slipped your mind. Tomarrow I am staring my next Dave Ramsey book Financial Peace University. I am excited to start it and hope I learn even more to apply to our finances. 

Damon and I are still working with our mortgage company to get some things straight and it is not said weather we are going to loose our house or not yet. We haven't caught up from when we were both out of work but hope to get things back in order and back on track if our mortgage company doesn't go through with the foreclosure like they said they were going to. I know we will be ok no matter what but I know after this foreclosure stuff is over I will feel a lot better.

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